Metal keyboard TG-PC-H

Metal keyboard TG-PC-H

Model: TG-PC-H

Type: Vandal-proof Metal keyboard with TrackBall (protected keyboard)
Dimensions: 372х102 mm
Additional: Ч 66 keys
Ч To enter any data from any program
Ч Compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Ч High level of protection makes this keyboard possible to be used in any crowded places
Ч Cleaned easily
Ч PS/2 - cabel
Ч Caps Lock Indicator

Material: Ч Front panel: stainless steel 304
Ч Keys: stainless steel 304
Ч Trackball: stainless steel 304
Ч Back panel: aluminum

Technical specifications: Ч Voltage: 5.0VDC ±5%
Ч Resistance: 10mј
Ч EMC Emission: EN55022(B)
Ч Trackball resolution: X: >200dpi ; Y: >190dpi
Ч Environmental temperature for operation: from 0∞ to +45∞
Ч Environmental temperature for storage: from -30∞ to +70∞
Ч Relative humidity: 30% ~ 95%
Ч Service life: over 1 mln stroke/key
Ч Touch area: 2 mm
Ч Press force: 80g rated
Ч Applied images of characters: high-density application
Ч Weight: 1.7 kg

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