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Terminal build-in Metal Keyboard is the best choice for your kiosk

Together with wireless networks there appeared large number of technical devices to be dreamt of long ago. Each such device is a success, as its usage makes our life full of pleasure and comfort. Information and payment kiosks are just two devices of such sort, let us speak more of the role of qualitative components to be used for assembling such kiosks.

Industrial keyboard: use Metal Keyboard for operating workshops!

No other keyboard can be safer than our Metal Keyboard. Among our customers there are large enterprises and industrial units, which evaluate all unique characteristics of metal keyboards and make 100% use of them in industry.

Aluminum keyboard comes to past

Main targets for making metal keyboards are their uncompromising reliability and operability in any conditions. Aluminum keyboards of last generation fell into oblivion, the time for metal keyboards has come!

Vandal-, dust-, moisture-, water-proof Metal Keyboard

100% protection! You could hardly see it – our keyboards do not seem to be afraid of anything! Neither water, nor dust or dirt, nor vandalism can prevent our keyboards from running and bring you profit.

Terminal and kiosk keyboard

Metal Keyboard for the kiosk and terminal is a must unit, available to everyone!

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